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Tutorial. DS213 Oscilloscope

MiniDSO DS213 DSO tutorial

DS213 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Waveform Operation & Storage & Trigger Mode Demonstration

DS213 is a “5-track, 4-wave line” digital storage oscilloscope for general-purpose electronic engineering task and it is based on ARM Cortex M3 core. DS213 uses FPGA to manage external ADC’s control and data cache mode. It provides 4 application partitions for loading and upgrading up to 4 different application firmware. It also has built-in 8MB USB flash drive for storing waveforms and upgrading system firmware. The oscilloscope code application layer is open source, and users can develop oscilloscope firmware according to their needs.

MiniDSO DS213 By e-Design Review | Pocket DSO 100M Sa/s Review Pt. 2

Checkout MiniDSO 213: http://www.miniware.com.cn/product/ds213-mini-oscilloscope/

Part 1:

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