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The Rise And Fall Of Toms

Toms went from being valued at $625 million to having massive debt. Blake Mycoskie started the company to help people with its "One for One" donation model. However, Toms had trouble growing beyond its original product and branding.

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The Rise And Fall Of Toms
Patricia Palmer : I still wear my 10 pair..
ashadipenguin : Can’t think of your own original video ideas, so you have to ripoff Company Man. Nice job Business Insider
Mitch D : One for one donation is stupid. You pay the total cost and someone else gets the donation writeoff. The shoes looked like garbage.
Bely Silva-Torres : So basically he stole the model from the ones in Argentina sucker
nesha varela : Toms were the thing untill ppl found out it onky takes a couple bucks to make a pair

TOMS: One For One

TOMS was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, who was inspired during a trip to Argentina to start a different kind of business. There he observed extreme poverty, adverse health conditions and children walking without shoes. Wanting to help, an idea came to him: the traditional Argentine alpargata shoe could be a simple yet revolutionary solution. He quickly set out to reinvent the alpargata for the U.S. market — to show how together we can create a better tomorrow by taking compassionate action today.
To realize this mission, Blake made a commitment to give a pair of new shoes to a child in need, for every pair sold. One for One.
b : You know when it started the shoe stores got broke bc of this watch adam ruins everything
Astro : I love the animation and the story.
Hamish animation : SSO true

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