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How to install a legacy ATI (AMD) Radeon driver on Windows 10

Yes, you can get old drivers to work on Windows 10. Even Catalyst Control Center can work.
You can also follow this steps:

Ati radeon All Drivers Windows 7/8/10

This Include all the drivers of AMD ATI Radeon driver
Download Link:
Video codec acceleration[edit]
R100 - Video Immersion
R200 - Video Immersion II
R300 - Video Immersion II + Video Shader
R410 - Video Shader HD
R420 - Video Shader HD + DXVA
R520 - Avivo Video
R600 - Avivo HD Video - UVD 1.0
R700 - UVD 2, UVD 2.2
Evergreen - UVD 2.2
Northern Islands - UVD 3 (HD 67xx UVD 2.2)
Southern Islands - UVD 3.1, Video Coding Engine 1.0
Sea Islands - UVD 4.2, VCE 2.0 [6]
pipelines with third party driver modifications should function close to a full 9800 Pro.[18]

PCI-E (X3xx, X5xx, X6xx, X1xxx Series)[edit]
Main article: Radeon R300
All models include Direct3D 9.0 and OpenGL 2.0
All models use a PCI-E x16 interface
Model Launch Code name Fab (nm) Core clock (MHz)

그래픽카드, VGA카드 드라이버 설치하는 방법, 드라이버 찾는 방법

그래픽카드 드라이버를 쉽고 확실하게 찾고 설치하는 방법입니다.
그래픽카드 구매는 알리 익스프레스에서 저렴하게 가능해요
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