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Bofors L70 40mm Automatic Anti Aircraft Gun, Swedish Air Defense Gun

The L/70 is an anti-aircraft gun 40mm caliber designed and manufactured by the Swedish Company Bofors. The Company was acquired in September 2000 by United Defense Industries, but since March 2005 has been a part of BAE Systems AB. The Bofors Defence 40 mm L/70 automatic anti-aircraft gun entered service with the Swedish Army in 1951 as the successor to the Bofors 40 mm L/60.
Obsession of the Month : sound is WAY off
Peter Andersson : at 3:45 is that a Ka-50 hmmm
R.M. Rains : Oh yah, a 75+++ year old design. Still kickin' ass today. We need this on the streets of Portland, OR... Kenosha, WA.. and Many other SFB/CDL controlled cities. One or two clips of this type of projectile would see a cessation of ANTIFA supported rioting.. After a few clips, all you would need is a portable liquid proof dumpster and Bucket loader.. Then drive to the local land fill or river and deposit.. The residue. Hopefully they didn't breed...
Terracrafty : bro what the fuck
James Harding : What the hell is wrong with you?

Best Robot Vacuum For Money 2020

The brand new eufy Robovac L70 Hybrid is the greatest RoboVac ever made. Not only does the RoboVac L70 have more suction power than ever, but it also uses laser guidance and artificial intelligence to map your room so it can clean it better than ever. It's faster, it's more accurate, and has more capabilities than any other RoboVac that eufy has ever made. It even has smart assistance integration so you can control it with Google Assistant or Alexa, and you operate it straight from your smartphone.

eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid - https://amzn.to/3a1OflT ----- Affiliate Link

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sean P. : So would u still say it's worth it?
Moises Ibarra : Hi, thanks for the review! Can you add clorox or any detergent to the water reservoir? Have you tried it?
Barbara Bordelove : I am looking for a mop, but thought the combo would be nice if it's still a good mop. Will it transition from room to room in mop mode over a threshold or will it think it's carpet? I am trying to decide between this one and the Irobot m series. I may just get the Irobot 200 series. I'm not sure these are worth the price increase if it won't go over a threshold to another room.
Gordon Hanebutt : I just bought one. It is tremendous. Thanks for the thorough review.
ulayera : I know this is an old video, but your robot got lost when returning to charging base because it itself moved the base at the start of the cleaning. So, of course it wasn't in the same place at the end of the session. I think the solution for this would be to glue/tape/screw somehow the charging base so it doesn't move when the robot touches it.

L70 - An effective air defense solution

An effective air defense solution against low-level air attack and ground targets:
- Flexible operation
- Improved Hit Probability
- Day \u0026 night capability
- Empowers operator’s abilities
- Cost-effective
Charlie Chan : Better but not quite useful without advance fuze integration in modern times. Who else are stilll producing VT?




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