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SK-II STUDIO: ‘VS Trolls’ featuring Simone Biles #CHANGEDESTINY

SK-II STUDIO Presents: "VS Trolls" featuring gymnast Simone Biles. Journeying through a world beset by haters, shamers and bullies, she fights to defeat those who troll her and in doing so, goes from victim to victor.

Part of the VS Series featuring 6 stories from exceptional athletes: Simone Biles, Mahina Maeda, Kasumi Ishikawa, Hinotori Nippon, Liu Xiang and badminton duo, Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo. #SKII #VSSeries #CHANGEDESTINY

Watch the full episodes now:
Kelly Bridwell : Crazy that people have the audacity to troll someone who is literally the GOAT; strong, sculpted, beautiful, poised and smart. What kind of nerve do you have to pick on someone that is so amazing and accomplished? I'd love to see any of these people, to see what they look like and what they have achieved in life.
IMSLEEPING 456 : dawg im tired of seeing this fucking ad on hulu JUST LET ME WATCH MY SHOWWWW
Jaelyn : This was so nice!
George Liquor : She looks like man.
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX} : This is Beautiful and so informative. Keep flying high, Simone Biles. Keep flying. ❤️

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#skii #PiteraEssence #SimoneBiles
Vision : Oh shit this is a makeup company!? Now I see why the vs series only features women.
JC Charles : Perfect skin!
Valerie Emanuel : love this
applemnki : What even fucking IS this?? Why is SK-II everywhere?? I’m so sick of seeing this content that I am actively repulsed by whatever this product is. Given a choice, I will buy whatever the other thing is out of sheer frustration at seeing this advertising EVERYWHERE I LOOK.
Forest Unger : Facts!

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erissa ishiwata : How long before i can see reducing of dark spot or acne mark
Miss A : i cant tell if her skin is good or not. the camera is too far from her face. better ask her to use a led mirror so we can see.
Miss A : until you bankrupt.




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