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Why HIGH VOLTAGE DC power Transmission

We are expanding our High Voltage DC electric power transmission lines. Is Edison winning over Tesla?

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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Circuit Basics: What's the difference between AC and DC power?

Join us in our KAIC Lab as we explain the basics of power delivery. Learn the difference between AC and DC in this episode of Circuit Basics.

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Understanding Bench Power Supplies and Dr Meter PS-3010DF Review

A tutorial on the basics of bench power supplies, plus a review of the low priced, 30 volt, 10 Amp Dr Meter PS-3010DF
Mike Hunt : Im not sure about this unit if your using it fir electroforming, please explain why i see 00.00 meters when most rectifiers show 0.00
Fat Lip : So is this AC or DC? Will it work for electroforming?
Dave Lordy : "You see it stops at 9.76A, so you can see I get not quite the 10A at 30V"

The missing 0.24A is on the A-Fine knob, spin that sucker clockwise to get it to 10A.
M R : this was very helpful. I was thinking mine wasn't working because I didn't understand how to adjust constant current. It looks like you have to fiddle with it to get the constant current you're looking for. Furthemore, I was experimenting with a fixed load. I was trying to see what happens if I connected a 12v-24v 10w dc flood light and I fed an amp of constant current.
RIAHI WAJDI : Thank you for this great video.
Also your reaction 20:23 lol




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