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Fundamentals of Splinting

Pre-hospital care isn't just tourniquets and wound packing! In this video I cover the fundamentals of splinting and demonstrate the application of a SAM splint for a wrist fracture.

SAM Splint: https://www.amazon.com/SAM-Medical-Splint-Roll-Count/dp/B00KTKGPWI/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8\u0026qid=1524332921\u0026sr=8-3\u0026keywords=sam+splint


This video is not intended as medical training and does not certify or authorize you to perform medical interventions. This video is for informational and educational purposes only. Always follow local guidelines, laws and protocols when performing medical interventions. I do not make any representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, or completeness of the video content. This video does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer or medical director.

Splint like a pro: Thumb spica splint

Step by step instruction of how to place a plaster thumb spica splint. This type of splint is used for management of scaphoid fractures, ulnar collateral ligament and thumb sprainsFor more information, visit our website www.ercast.org

Orthopedic splint demonstration

Fred Croce, Cast Technician at GO Ortho, explains what goes into a simple splint application.

GO Ortho operates like an urgent care facility but specifically for orthopedic issues such as aches, breaks and sprains. GO Ortho provides quick access to top sports medicine physicians who specialize in non-surgical orthopedic care.

GO Ortho can save you time and money as appointments are billed as regular office visits. You avoid the ER waiting room and the emergency-level bill. GO Ortho cares for patients age eight and up and is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Learn more at www.godoctornow.com.

To make an appointment, call 844.GO.DR.NOW (844.463-7669)




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