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Flexible flat cable FFC cable repair methods

These cables are used in phones, 3d printers games consoles, DVD players etc and are a real pain if they break.
Jaden Ryan : Thank youuu soo muchhh, can’t believe this actually worked om my Ps4 controller’s ribbon cable
Ashwani Gupta : Is it work for my laptops touchpad cable?

Plz reply fast
DIYLIFE : excellent tutorial video mate. Legend!
Pablo J. Yunes : Thanks! There is hope now :)
dennys neves : dude life saver ngl.. my ps4 ribbon cable broke and i needed to buy a new controller or a new cable. this method saved me some money

Tutorial on How to properly connect the Flat Ribbon Cable to a 26 PIN 1.44MB Floppy Drive Emulator

Also Make sure not to bend the cable
Ali Raza Official : Sir if 26 cable connector short what happened?
Alexander Kebede : How I am going to prevent the wear on the connector since my ribbon cable is moving back and forth. Any idea about the best connector or ways to avoid stress on the connector?
Akhila Ramachandran : if short happend what 26 cable
TECHNOLOGY TIPS :  @Ali Raza Official  If the cable is too sort you have to buy a new one, if the cable is electrically short circuited you will still need a new one, and if you cut the cable short the shiny conductor pins will not be visible to make a good connection.
Ali Raza Official :  @TECHNOLOGY TIPS  I don't need buy cable

IoT#32 RPTC-Q – Soldering Flat Flex to PCB: LCD Initial Power Up and Rework

In today’s video, we investigate strange I2C SDA and SCL waveforms from our ESP32 to our NHD-C160100Diz LCD with ST7528i I2C Controller. We verify the Sitronix LCD controller is not responding to our I2C commands and investigate why. When we discover the issue, we perform the repair and test; will it work?

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Ryszard Kula : nice
Andy Eash : What is that red tape that's placed on the 14 pin FFC right before soldering?
Bo Gao : Don't know what flux are you using, but most of the time liquid flux are water soluble ion-based ones, and they corrode PCB. Since they will be trapped under the FFC forever, it's not the best idea to use those. I'd rather use paste RMA no clean flux despite they leave a mess. At least I know the mess is not going to f* my board in the future. If you use NC flux, leave it there. If you use WS flux, congratulations, they are easy to clean, but if you failed to clean them, then good luck.
giorgos texnikos : nice jub
Nandhini Nandhini : Flexible flat cable 3 light red color Hp deskjet 2131




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