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LG-SH150 Preview VOD

CYON Storm! 3G+Multimedia Phonehttp://review.cetizen.com/LG-SH150

LG SH150 - advanced mode read boot and repair

LG SH150 - advanced mode read boot and repair

Hospital Daily (LG-SH150)

These day hospital daily.\r
After brain surjury having a lot of difficult time to my mother.\r
Why she is in hospital. Whe to her.\r
We shouldn't do this surjury.\r
I having difficult with write in english. \r
What I am thinking and what I am feeling.\r
last night I pray...\r
And I cryed.\r
I felt when my mom's die may be I am cry like this.\r
It was good excirsise.\r
Dr. sad She will fine.\r
I trust she will.\r
Them...english is difficult if not using.




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