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Anycall SHW-A310S Startup & Shutdown (2 variations)

I found this beautiful korean phone on Ebay for just 20€ so i bought it.
It isn't in a very good condition but i love it anyway. Since i never owned an Anycall phone before, i'm pretty surprised on how different those phones are from traditional Samsung phones here in Europe.

Anycall SHW-A310S - Ringtones

Samsung Anycall SHW-A310S. A phone from south korea that i'm happy to have in my collection since is unfindable where i live (italy)
Please note: the ringtone's name at 09:38 is Humoresque and is part of the preloaded melodies which i'll show in another video.
I skipped the ringtones at 09:52 because aren't preloaded in this phone

SHW-A310S 삼성 애니콜 미니멀폴더2 벨소리 (Ringtones)

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