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2013 Mercedes-Benz C250 Sedan - Review

Does a four-cylinder engine belong under the hood of a Mercedes?The prestigious German automaker is challenging convention with its new C250 sedan. Did they succeed in their mission or are luxury and efficiency mutually exclusive?



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2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

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It's hard to really say which German sport sedan is the best of the bunch. We can proudly say that this 2012 C250 is the best C-Class yet and truly offers something unique for each buyer. Those in the market for a new compact sport luxury sedan have a tough choice ahead of them. Make sure and test drive all before making your decision.

Mercedes C Class Loses Power - 75K Mile Review (W204 C250)

Quick ownership update after 7 years and 76k miles on my wife's 2012 Mercedes Benz C250 (W204). The car would lose power on acceleration and go into limp mode, which triggered the P0002 check engine light. It turned out to be the high pressure fuel pump. For more videos, see links below and my website:


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