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Dragon wyrzutnia DSO 180 Shots DR-180 2018

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#167 How to use OSCILLOSCOPE - Digital Storage Oscilloscope DSO - Complete Tutorial

in this video i i demonstrated
1. what is oscilloscope, introduction of oscilloscope for beginners
2. basic and in detailed use of oscilloscope
3. how to check calculate voltage amplitude in oscilloscope
4. how to check time period of a signal
5 how to calculate frequency
6. what is a cycle
7. what is sine wave
8. peak to peak voltage and rms voltage
9 how to measure frequency using oscilloscope
10 how to measure phase difference using oscilloscope
11 how to store data on USB from oscilloscope
12 how to use save / recall data from digital storage oscilloscope
13 what is time/div setting
14 what is volt/div setting
15 how to increase contrast of oscilloscope
16 how to increase brightness and grid intensity of oscilloscope
17 what is coupling in oscilloscope
18 what is attenuation and how to to use 1x 10x attenuator function
19 how to measure / check rise time fall time of a signal using oscilloscope
20 what is trigger function in oscilloscope
21 how to check a signal wave shape on oscilloscope
Theory and Practical videos for Physics, Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering.
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